About FreeFab 3D

FreeFab 3D is a team of friends who have come together to design and build 3D printers. Independently, each of us had our own 3D printers and had a range of experiences with the different models. Over many, many pints of beer, we challenged ourselves to design a better 3D printer.

Each of the founders of FreeFab 3D brings a vast amount of experience and knowledge with them, particularly from the printing industry. Between us, we have a number of years working in engineering, electronics, product design, software development and marketing – this, and the passion we have for making stuff, makes a great team.

Our office is located in the Warehouse Arts District in St. Pete at 1942 2nd Ave South, Unit F.

To schedule an appointment please call 727-851-6055. Please no drop-ins.

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Community of Makers

We are active in the growing Maker community in the Tampa Bay area and in particular we are helping to create a makerspace near downtown St. Petersburg with the St. Pete Makers. We also hold monthly 3D printer Maker Night Meetups in our office.


Upoming Shows and Events