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Startup Checklist

  1. Plug machine into power outlet and into your computer.

  2. Turn on machine.

  3. Run Repetier on your machine.

  4. In Repetier, click the Connect button in the top-left part of the toolbar. If it doesn’t connect, check the Port setting in the Printer Settings.

  5. Check the Z calibration and make sure the bed has a coating of hair spray.

  6. Add your 3D file using the Object Placement panel.

  7. Go to the Slicer panel, choose your slicing options and click Slice with slic3r button.

  8. After your 3D model has been sliced, click the Run button in the toolbar. The printer will heat up to operating temperature and begin printing your model.

  9. Wait until your print is done and the machine has cooled down a bit, carefully remove the part using one of the included scrapers.

 Still Need Help?

Click here to email us. Please provide as much information as you can, such as slicer settings and filament type, and include a photo if possible.