Changing Filament

Sometimes you will want to change the existing roll of filament you’re currently using to switch to another color or to print something with a different material. Changing filament is easy as long as you follow these steps:

  1. Using the Print Panel, set the extruder temperature to 225 and wait until that temperature is reached.
  2. From the Print Panel, click the Home All button. Then click the Z+10 button 5 times to raise the Z axis up to 50mm.
  3. Click the Y+100 and the X+100 each once so the nozzle in center in the middle of the bed.
  4. After reaching 225, look in the Extruder section of the Print Panel, enter 100 in the Retract field and click the Retract button.
  5. The filament should start backing out of the top of your extruder. It should only take about a minute for it to completely back out so that the extruder drive gear is no longer grabbing the filament and you can remove the rest by hand.
  6. Removing the filament roll from the holder on top of the machine and replace it with the next roll of filament you want to use.
  7. Take the free end of the new filament roll and insert it into the top of the extruder until it stops.
  8. Enter 100 in the Extruder field and click the Extrude button. Give the filament a gentle push until you feel the extruder drive wheel grab a hold.
  9. In a few moments you should see molten plastic coming out of the nozzle. Click the Extrude button again to run an additional 100mm of filament to help clean out the previous filament from the hotend.
  10. Continue to feed the filament until the color and appearance (shine, etc) change.
  11. Use the included tweezers to remove tangle of filament once its done extruding.
  12. Click the Home All button.
  13. Now you're ready to print.