Clearing a Clogged Nozzle

If you suspect the hotend of your Monolith might be jammed, you can follow this guide to remove and clean the hotend’s nozzle.

Safety First

Make sure you take all precautions against getting burnt on the extreme hot parts of the machine. This includes the nozzle tip, and the heater block of the hotend. Both can reach temperatures hot enough to cause a severe burn. We recommend wearing mechanic-style gloves that offer some protection against heat.

Turn on the Heat

Using Repetier, set the temperature of the hotend to 180°. Once at that temperature, carefully insert either a very thin metal guitar string wire or something similar through the tip of the nozzle where the plastic comes out. If you don’t anything suitable, please contact FreeFab 3D and we’ll get you a pin we use for servicing. Then retract the filament all the way out of the extruder. Sometimes this will be enough to clear the debris and you can try increasing the temperature either 230° for ABS or 190° for PLA.

After the wire is inserted, set the hotend’s temperature to 165°. Then use a 18mm (or 3/4") open-ended wrench on the heater block to hold it steady and either a 13mm (or 1/2") socket or box-end wrench on the nozzle and slowly and carefully unscrew the nozzle from the rest of the hotend. Remember, the heater block and nozzle will be very hot and the nozzle is VERY delicate!

Time for a Soak

Place the nozzle in a glass with either acetone or finger nail polish remover and let it soak overnight. Make sure to leave the wire in the tip.

After soaking, push the wire up through the nozzle tip to help remove the plug of plastic left over. You can use a toothpick or something similar to clean out any leftover debris.

Heat the hotend back up to 165° and screw the nozzle back onto the hotend. Be very gentle and make sure the nozzle does not screw on crooked. Keep tightening carefully until the nozzle is touch the heater block. Just remember to never use force.

Heat the nozzle up to either 230° for ABS or 190° for PLA and follow the directions for inserting the filament.