Loading Filament

These instructions will teach you how to load filament into the Monolith if there isn’t already filament in the machine. If there is, please use Changing Filament instead.

  1. Using the Print Panel, set the extruder temperature in the Extruder box to 225, click the Set button and wait until that temperature is reached.
  2. From the Print Panel, click the Home All button. Then click the Z+10 button 5 times to raise the Z axis up to 50mm.
  3. Click the Y+100 and the X+100 each once so the nozzle in center in the middle of the bed.
  4. Put your spool onto the filament spool mount on top of the Monolith and grab the loose end pull it down and a bit towards you and push the end into the small hole on top of the extruder until it stops.
  5. After reaching 225, look in the Extruder section of the Print Panel, enter 100 in the Extruder field and click the Extrude button. Give the filament a gentle push until you feel the extruder drive wheel grab a hold.
  6. In a few moments you should see molten plastic coming out of the nozzle. Click the Extrude button again to run an additional 100mm of filament to help clean out the previous filament from the hotend.
  7. Use the included tweezers to remove tangle of filament once its done extruding.
  8. Click the Home All button.
  9. Turn off the extruder temperature by clicking on the Heat On button.