Repetier Installation and Settings

The Monolith printer works great with variety of 3D printer control software, such as MatterControl, Pronterface, and Simplify3D. For this example we are going to show you how to install and configure our favorite 3D control software, Repetier-Host. 

Installing Software

Find the thumbdrive supplied in your kit and insert it into your computer. It contains all the software and settings and includes some sample 3D models to get you started. The software you will be installing is called Repetier Host. It is what you will be using to control your Monolith printer. You can find out more about it here: or download it from here:


Open the folder on the thumbdrive labeled Mac and double-click on the file called Repetier-Host-Mac_0_56.dmg. After it opens a folder will display with the icon for Repetier-Host Mac. Drag this file to your applications folder. Next double-click Install Monolith Slic3r Profiles inside the Mac folder. This will install the necessary Slic3r settings which explain more about later. 


Open the folder on the thumbdrive labeled ‘Windows’ and double-click on the file called setupRepetierHost_0_95.exe and install the latest version of Repetier-Host. Plug in the the printer and point windows to the location of the driver Rambo.ini on the memory stick. In the device manager, under PORTS you will now see the Rambo with a com # assigned to it, remember that number. In Repetier, click on printer settings (upper right corner) and select the com port # previously assigned to the Rambo board.

Configuring Software

After installation is complete, launch Repetier Host. First thing you need to do is setup Repetier to work with the Monoth. Click Printer Setup icon located in the top-right of the Repetier window. Change the settings as listed below. 


Port: usbmodemXXX (XXX is a series of numbers that will be different for each computer)
Baud Rate: 115200
Stop Bits: 1
Parity: None
Transfer Protocol: Autodect
Receive cache size: 63
Use Ping-Pong Commication: No
Firmware sends OK after error: No


Travel Feedrate: 5000
Z Axis Travel Feedrate: 140
Default Extruder Temperature: 220
Default heated bed temperature: 90
Number of Extruders: 1
Check extruder & heated bed every: 1 seconds: Yes
Don’t log temperature requests: Yes
Go to dispose after job/job kill: No
Disable extruder of job/job kill: Yes
Disable heated bed after job/job kill: Yes
Disable motors after job/job kill: Yes
Add to comp. printing time: 75%


Home X: x min
Home Y: y min
Home Z: z min
X Min: 0
X Max: 200
Y Min: 0
Y Max: 200
Printer type: Classic Printer
Print Area Width: 200
Bed Front: 0
Print Area Depth: 200
Bed Left: 0
Print Area Height: 200