Starting a Print

You can use the following instructions either for your first time, as a refresher, or as a checklist to make sure you don’t skip an important step.

Spray the Bed

Before printing the bed will need a coat of hair spray (provided in the tool kit with the Monolith). Try not to spray the other parts of the machine, particularly the extruder or smooth rods. Generally you will only need to spray the bed after several prints as sometimes a print will remove part of the coating after you remove it from the bed.

If you don’t want to use hair spray, try using the included glue stick. Like hair spray, the glue stick contains a sticky plastic that can help secure your model while printing, but it doesn’t smell as offensive. Simply rub the plastic at a 45 degree angle to the front of the bed then go back and rub another layer perpendicular to the first layer. Although some have great success with glue, others find hair spray more effective.

Add 3D Model and Slice

In Repetier, switch the left side of the screen to 3D View and the right side to Object Placement. Click the Add STL File button and located and double click on the 3D model you want to print. Check the left side of the screen to confirm that the 3D model looks ok.

Switch to the Slicer panel and choose the following settings:

Click the large Slice with Slic3r button. Your model will now be converted into the necessary commands to output on the Monolith. When its done slicing, the right side screen switches to the G-Code panel.

Next click over to the Print Panel. Although you won’t necessarily need to do anything else, it’s nice to have this panel displayed after your print is done so you can move the bed out to make part removal easier.

Finally, click the Run button on the top toolbar. The Monolith will start to heat the bed and hotend to print temperatures as well as homing the axes. Your print should start in only a few minutes!