Stopping or Canceling a Print

If you ever need to stop or cancel a print for whatever reason, you can use one of the following methods:

Kill Job button in Repetier

The best method is to click the Kill Job button located next to the Run button on the lefthand side of Repetier’s toolbar. It may take several seconds for the Monolith to stop all motion, but this method allows you to get back to printing the quickest as the machine nor the software have to reset. This will also disable the motors to make it easier to move the axis by hand to if you need to access the bed to remove your print.

Turn the Monolith Off

In an emergency where a person or the machine might suffere damage, simply hit the power button located on the bottom front left side of the Monolith. This will stop all motion right away. However you will have to turn the turn the machine back on and reconnect Repetier. This may take about a minute.

Emergency Stop button in Repetier

This button will also stop the Monolith’s motion very quickly. But unlike turning off the Monolith, both Repetier and the printer will reset themselves quicker.

Not matter which method you choose to stop the Monolith during a print, you will need to move by hand the bed towards you and the print head over to the side so you can clean the bed of the residue from the stopped print. Use the scraper and brush as well as window cleaner and paper towels if necessary. Make sure you re-apply hair spray or glue stick before printing again.