Using Repetier


Learning to use Repetier is very important in order to get the most out of your Monolith 3D printer. Thankfully, Repetier is very easy to learn.

Repetier's screen is divided into two sections: left side which is used for viewing your 3D objects and temperature graphs, and the right side which allows you to add objects to print, slice, and control your printer.

Left Side Tabs

3D View

Depending on which right side tab you are using, this tab will allow you to view and edit where your 3D object as it will sit on the Monolith's bed.


Temperature Curve

The recent temperature history for both the bed and hot end are displayed. Very helpful if you are waiting for the Monolith to heat up before a print or cool down after a print.

Right Side Tabs

Object Placement

Adding your 3D objects that you want to print on this screen. You can move, duplicate, resize and rotate as well.



Select the slicing profiles that matches your filament ( ABS or PLA) and customize the way your Monolith will print your object.



Probably not very interesting for beginners, but here you can preview the results of the slice and check to make sure your 3D object will print the way you expected. Bonus tip: below the G-code display you'll find an estimate for how long your print will take.


Print Panel

The Print Panel will let you directly control the Monolith. Although the screen looks complicated, you'll find yourself right at home quickly. Here you can home and move the various axises, change the bed and hot end temperatures and change the speed of your print.